Midway Team Rankings Review – American League

Baseball, Rankings
It's halfway through the 2015 season and the writing is starting to go up on the wall for some teams.  Though this is baseball, and anything can happen. Before the season started, I broke down projected standings for all six divisions.  How does that compare to how teams stand now?  Would I change anything for the second half? AL West Actual (my projection in parentheses) 1. Astros (4) 2. Angels (1) 3. Rangers (5) 4. Mariners (2) 5. Athletics (3) The Astros and Rangers have been surprising on the good side, while the Athletics and Mariners have been surprising for other reasons.  Billy Beane's off season meddling did pretty much what I thought it would - and slightly worse.  He went all in for 2014 and now has to rebuild.…
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