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My rankings include the entire 40 man roster – not just the active 25 man.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

I moved some people around a lot last week.  Mostly to anticipate where they will be with the roster expands.

An asterisk* means the player was not on the active roster at the time of this posting.

Updates to List:

Brennan Boesch was sent back down to Salt Lake
Grant Green began his rehab assignment and was removed from the DL
Gordon Beckham was acquired from the White Sox because we like mediocre infielders.

Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 calhounKole Calhoun 1 2 6 Pretty much the Angels MVP for the month of August.  No other position player is close to him.
2 troutMike Trout  5 uparrow+3 1 6 2 more home runs, including a 5 game streak at Oakland Colosseum and one that almost took out a camera in center field.  Yay!
3 puljosAlbert Pujols 3 2 3 This year’s version of Pujols is much preferable to last year’s version. Don’t you think?
4 freeseDavid Freese 2 downarrow-2 2 8 So so week.  He did manage to get his second career triple with his amazing speed.
5 aybarErick Aybar 7 uparrow+2 3 7 Led the team in batting last week at .429 with two stolen bases.
6 kendrickHowie Kendrick  4 downarrow-2 3 6 Not a great week. Not a horrible one for Howie.
7 hamiltonJosh Hamilton 10 uparrow+3 4 10 Definitely hitting better lately.  Half of the team’s 4 home runs last week and he batted .316
8 cron
C.J. Cron*
12 uparrow+4  8  12 One of many players tearing it up in Salt Lake.  I guess they are all getting ready for September call-ups.  Pick me pick me!
9 ianettaChris Iannetta 9 9 11 Trying to be like Hank last week and you know what that means = sucking
10 wheelerRyan Wheeler * 16 uparrow+6 10 19 10 hits and 5 rbis last week.   So many great performances for the Bees last week.  If only they had pitching they wouldn’t have dropped 4 of their last 7.
11 shuckJ.B. Shuck *  17 uparrow+6 11 17 Getting ready for September.  12 hits last week and went 4 for 4 on Friday.  Tearing. It. up. Shuck style.
12 jimenezLuis Jimenez *  14 uparrow+2 12 17 6 for 23 with a Homerun.  If he gets called up in  a week can we dump McDonald since we’ll have Green, Jimenez and the new crappy middle infielder?
13 navarroEfren Navarro 8 downarrow-5 1 13 He can play first base but that’s about it lately.
14 beckhamGordon Beckham I’m not holding my breath on him and so far he’s proving me right.  0 for 7 in his first two Halo games.
15 cowgillCollin Cowgill 11 downarrow-4 11 15 1 for 9 with 4 K’s last week.
16 boeschBrennan Boesch*  15 downarrow-1 12 16 Finally got a hit for the Angels (a double) but was promptly sent back down.  Mostly to get ready for pitching moves.  He’ll be back.
17 greenGrant Green* 18 uparrow+1 10 18 2 for 7 in his two rehab starts over the weekend.  Might stay in AAA until the roster expansion?
18 congerHank Conger 13 downarrow-5 11 18 Yep.  Still Conger.  The only good thing is he only had 2 at bats last week so his sucking was limited.
19 campanaTony Campana * 19 13 19 This dude didn’t bat his weight last week.  I hear talk of him making September call-ups.  I’m not so sure unless it’s for pinch running only?
20 mcdonaldJohn McDonald  20 19 20 Yup.


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