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My ranking include the entire 40 man roster – not just the active 25 man.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

The top 3 players for the Angels this week were all youngsters with Navarro, Calhoun, and Cron sporting the top 3 averages for a team that had a mediocre offensive week.  The Angels only scored 19 runs in 7 games with 3 home runs.  Lackluster for such an offensive powerhouse of a team.  Fortunately, the pitchers were mostly on and the Angels ended the week 4-3.

Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 navarroEfren Navarro 9 downarrow +8 1 11 Holy on fire.  Navarro has been tearing it up since coming back.  Best average on the team last week.  Game winning hits.  First big league home run.  Rockets to the top of the current power rankings.
2 calhounKole Calhoun  4 downarrow+2 2 4 Calhoun had a great week moves up just 2 spots because Navarro was awesome.
3 puljosAlbert Pujols 2 downarrow-1 2 2 Pujols has been playing great.  Just average last week though.
4 aybarErick Aybar 5 downarrow+1 3 5 Despite a mediocre average, Aybar displayed his usual defensive awesomeness this past week, had the #4 average on the team, and managed the teams ONLY stolen base that turned into a very important run.
5 kendrickHowie Kendrick  3 downarrow-2 3 5 Eh.  Kendrick did decent.  That’s about all.
6 troutMike Trout  1 downarrow-5 1 6 He is human after all.  Go back 5 spaces for putting up an average last week that makes Ibanez look good.  .154 with a home run. Ouch.
7 hamiltonJosh Hamilton 7 7 7 No movement for Hamilton who batted .222 last week.
8 freeseDavid Freese  6 downarrow-2 6 8 Although he did basically win Sunday’s game with a home run, he didn’t even bat his weight last week.
9 cron
C.J. Cron, SLC
12 downarrow+3  12  8 Cron is back and did well sporting the teams third best average of the past week.
10 ianettaChris Iannetta 11 downarrow
9 9 Conger and Iannetta had identical stats last week except Conger struck out more.
11 congerHank Conger  13 downarrow+2 11 13 See above text. I’m lazy.
12 boeschBrennan Boesch, SLC  14 downarrow+2 12 14 Still tearing it up and move up two more spots.  9 for 26 last week with 2 home runs, 8 RBIs and a stolen base.
13 greenGrant Green, DL 10 downarrow-3 10 12 Green didn’t play last week.  He moves down 3 spots for ending up on the DL with back stiffness.
14 campanaTony Campana, SLC 15 downarrow+1 14 18 Had a good week going 9 for 31 with 3 stolen bases.
15 jimenezLuis Jimenez, SLC  17 downarrow+2 15 17 Jimenez was 8 for 24 with a homerun, 7 RBIs and a stolen base.
16 shuckJ.B. Shuck  16  – 16 16 Shuck was called back up last week but didn’t get a single at bat for the Angels.  He did so-so in 4 games for Salt Lake.
17  –  The space for sale
18 fieldTommy Field, SLC 18 15 18 8 strikeouts last week.
19  The space for sale
20 mcdonaldJohn McDonald  20 19 20 I’d put McDonald lower if there was room to move down further.  He continues to un-impress.  Last week he was .000 with 7 at bats.

Updates to List:

JB Shuck was called up from the Bees
Grant Green landed on the DL from a weight room incident

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