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The Angels have 4 catchers in Tempe, along with 6-8 outfielders (depending on how you count them).  If you count Josh Hamilton but NOT Grant Green, then you get 7.  If you don’t count Hamilton (not actually in Tempe) OR Green (trying out for second base spot) then you get 6.  The combinations continue, so let’s leave it at that.  I’ve also broken down their percent chance of being on the active roster for a substantial portion of the season.

Jett Bandy

Bandy, along with Drew Butera and Carlos Perez, is vying for the backup cacher spot.  He spent the last two season in AA with the Travelers and due to the fact that he is a top prospect (ahead of Johnny Giavotella by some counts), he could have a shot at that backup job.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 25%

Drew Butera

Butera is 31 with only 251 big league games and apparently one of the WORST hitters ever.  He is also vying for the backup catcher position but please God no, no, no.  We don’t need a dead weight bat in the lineup.  He has big league experience but I hope Scioscia weighs his lacking of hitting skills more heavily.  Sadly, the job is currently his to lose.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 75%

Carlos Perez

Perez could be the break out catcher guy out of these three.  He is perhaps a bit more ready than Bandy (who may be 6-12 months away), and he hits A LOT better than Butera.  He was THE guy until Butera came along and Butera is out of options so he can’t go down to the minors.  I hope to all things good and holy that Perez impresses in spring training and Butera takes a hike.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 50%

Chris Iannetta

Iannetta had his best year with the Angels last season and expects to get a lot more at bats this year.  He’ll be sharing the backstop role again but probably not as much as he did with Hank Conger, unless one of the above guys really stands out.  Iannetta could also see some time at DH this year.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 100%

Kole Calhoun

This guy continues to impress.  Calhoun put up some great numbers in 2014, despite being out a month with 17 HR, 90 runs, 31 double, and 3 triples.  He may knock out 20 with 100 runs scored if he stays health all season.  Then there is his defense.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 100%

Collin Cowgill

Cowgill has potential to be an every day outfielder – just not with the Angels.  Despite having bunting issues, he is a pretty decent player and even put up a 2.1 WAR in 2014 with just over 100 games played.  He just may see some more paying time in 2014 if he doesn’t bunt and Hamilton missed a  bunch of games (which is likely).

2015 Active Roster Chance: 100%

Josh Hamilton

Where do I start with this guy?  First, we don’t even know when he’ll be ready to resume baseball activities after his shoulder surgery.  Second, we don’t know how many games he will be suspended for due to recent drug use.  Of course, with his past performance, I hope (and we all should hope) that he can put up some great numbers in 2015 whenever he does find his way back onto the field.  I’m not giving him 100% here because there is always a chance something crazy happens with this guy as it often seems to.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 90%

Matt Joyce

Joyce had a 1.9 WAR with Tampa Bay last season and he does have good plate discipline.  I’m not sure this 12th round pick from 2005 is worth almost 5 million but maybe he will impress me.  He’s also not great at hitting lefties so likely won’t be in the field in those situations (perhaps Cowgill or Green).  Joyce will definitely get more playing time due to the current Hamilton situation.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 100%

Daniel Robertson

The speedy Robertson will compete for an outfield spot and his chances just got a little bit better recently (for some strange reason).  Robertson doesn’t have the best shot at the roster though and he’ll have to be super impressive in Tempe.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 10%

Mike Trout

The best for last!  Not much to say about Trout other than: Will he repeat as MVP?  How many bases will he actually steal this year?  Will he be able to bring down his strikeout count?  How many plays will he make look “easy” because of his athleticism?  How many walk off homeruns will 2015 bring him?  Does he have a shot at the triple crown?  It’s pretty awesome having one of the best player ever to play the game on your team.

2015 Active Roster Chance: 100%

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