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There is a slew of relief pitchers in training camp (10) with most of them bound to end up in AAA or AA.  This last issue of spring training player review looks at this 10 guys and their chances of playing on the active roster for a substantial portion of 2015 (let’s say 20+ innings).

Cesar Ramos

246 big league innings have mostly been a mixed bag for Ramos.  A career 3.90 ERA and 1.36 with a BAA of .245.  Nothing overwhelming for sure.  Ramos hasn’t pitched in the minors since 2012 and has a shot at the Angels bullpen mostly because he is a lefty with experience.  His odds are high, despite competition in the pen.  Ramos has also pitched 1 perfect inning so far in Tempe.

2015 Active Roster Change: 75%

Cory Rasmus

Rasmus’s role is still up in the air in 2015.  Though he is being stretched out in spring training, he’s a bit of a long shot for an opening day rotation.  It’s possible he could end up in the bullpen again and be used as a 5th or 6th starter should the need arise during the season.  Having a versatile option in Rasmus is great for the Angels.

2015 Active Roster Change: 100%

Danny Reynolds

A top prospect who throws some serious heat in the 93-96 range with an upper end of 99 MPH.  Reynolds pitched a few innings a the rookie level in 2010 when he was just 19 years old.  He probably won’t make the roster this year but could have a spot in September and/or in 2016.

2015 Active Roster Change: 10%

Huston Street

The Angels de facto closer is back again.  Hopefully Street can match 2014 where he had a career high 41 saves along with a 1.37 ERA and .94 WHIP.  His numbers were better in the NL before he moved over the Angels and his September was barely mediocre, so putting up those numbers again might be a little tricky for Street.

2015 Active Roster Change: 100%

Joe Smith

Most likely your eighth inning guy for 2015.  Smith was pretty dominant (most of the time) last season with a .90 WHIP and BAA of .172.  On the road he was even more deadly with a .71 WHIP and a .143 BAA.  I contend that Smith is one of the best and most underrated 8th inning men in the game and definitely top 3 in the American league (behind perhaps Doolittle and Betances).

2015 Active Roster Change: 100%

Fernando Salas

Salas essentially pitched well in every other month last season.  His ERA per month starting in April was 2.45/4.35/1.69/3.86/0.00/9.46.  Yes that was a ZERO in August with 15 innings pitched!  If Scioscia only uses him in April, June and August we’ll be in good shape 🙂

2015 Active Roster Change: 100%

Cam Bedrosian

For the love of all that is good and holy, Bedrosian will either miraculously get WAY better at pitching to big league hitters, or he will spend most (or all) of his season in the minors.  Bedrosian already has an 81.00 ERA in spring training.  Of course, it was only one inning, but still.  19.1 innings pitched for the Angels in 2014 and a lovely 6.52 ERA with 1.81 WHIP and 12 walks.  A Cam Bedrosian fan I am not.  However, because Scioscia has a love for all things veteran and because his father had a pretty decent career, Bedrosian will probably see at least some innings on the Angles mound in 2015.

2015 Active Roster Change: 50%

Jeremy McBryde

1.2 innings, 5 hits, 21.6 ERA.  Not a great spring so far for McBryde.  Mc Bryde has been getting better with age and put up two sub 2.4 ERA seasons his last two years in the minors.  His best shot at the bullpen is when there are NOT left handed hitters at the plate.

2015 Active Roster Change: 50%

Mike Morin

Since he is no longer a rookie, Morin won’t have to wear the pink backpack.  He’ll most likely make the roster and is fighting for the 7th inning role.  Morin was respectable but not amazing last year with a 2.90 ERA, 1.19 WHIP and .234 BAA.

2015 Active Roster Change: 100%

Vinnie Pestano

With 9 innings for the Indians in 2014, Pestano had a 5.00 ERA, 1.56 WHIP and .333 BAA against.  Another 9 innings with the Angels and his numbers were a pretty dominating 0.93 ERA, .93 WHIP and 1.52 BAA.  The change of scenery clearly did him well and he should make it back on the roster again for 2015.

2015 Active Roster Change: 75%


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