Angels Week 8 Ranking – Position Players

The Angel’s offense continues to struggle aside from one great game in the opener against Boston.  Also, somehow, Chris Iannetta remembered how to hit and led the paltry offense in batting average.

My rankings include the entire 40 man roster.  These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

*** Salt Lake Bees Roster
** Arkansas Travelers Roster

Changes: None

Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 troutMike Trout 3 uparrow+2 1 3 This is one slippery fish.  I had to didn’t I??  if you missed Trout’s steal of 3rd base last week again Boston, you need to check it out.  The king fish is back on top.
2 aybarErick Aybar 1 downarrow-1 1 8 Aybar just got bumped down because Trout is awesome.  Sorry kid.  He did get is first HR of the season last week though!
3 calhounKole Calhoun 2 downarrow-1 2 12 Had highest strike out total last week with 7 and only hit .214.
4 pujolsAlbert Pujols 4 2 5 A solo home run over the green monster!  Also hit another home run.  Unfortunately both were solo dingers.
5 freeseDavid Freese 5 2 6 Led the team with 7 RBIs
6 ianettaChris Iannetta 20 uparrow+14 6 20 It pains me to move Iannetta up so far in one week but he absolutely crushed it with 2 home runs and a ridiculous 1.349 OPS.
7 mattjoyceMatt Joyce 19 uparrow+12 7 19 Another painful moving up on the power ranking.  I don’t think he’ll be in the top 10 for long but he led the team with a .478 OBP and only struck out three times.
8 greenGrant Green*** 8 8 16 Still raking in AAA and had 3 multi hit games last week.
9 navarroEfren Navarro 10 uparrow+1 4 11 Zero strikeouts last week and hit safely in all but one game.
10 carlosperezCarlos Perez*** 7 downarrow-3 5 14 Just 1 for 7 last week.  Iannetta stole all his playing time. For good reason apparently.
11 jettbandyJett Bandy*** 11 11 19 4 for 16 and threw out 2 out of 3 stolen base attempts.
12 giovotellaJohnny Giavotella 6 downarrow-6 2 9 Enter slump: Week #2.
13 cowgillCollin Cowgill 9 downarrow-4 5 9 Still can’t hit the ball well and only had one hit in 8 at bats last week.
14 kubitzaKyle Kubitza*** 12 downarrow-2 10 14 6RBIs last week which is good.  His 47Ks for the season is NOT good.
15 rutledgeJosh Rutledge*** 13 downarrow-1 1 19 Blah.
16 robertsonDaniel Robertson*** 14 downarrow-2 11 19 4 for 11 with a stolen base.
17 Matt Krauss 17 ZERO for 10.
18 featherstonTaylor Featherston 16 downarrow-2 15 18 Only here because he has no where else to go.  Poor Taylor.
19 cron
C.J. Cron
18 downarrow-1 2 19 Horrible is an under statement.
20 garybrownGary Brown*** 15 downarrow-5 14 20 .195 on the season.  Ouch.



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