Angels loss to Padres is perfect summary of season so far

The Angels looked bad last night. And a little good.  But mostly bad.  Losing 4-0 in 10 innings is pretty much a perfect summary of the Halo season so far and this game points out most of what is wrong with out team through 1/4 of the season. Chris Iannetta has quickly returned to looking lost on the field and at the plate.  He went 0 for 4 with a strikeout and a rally killing GIDP.  We need to trade him to the Blue Jays because apparently he can only hit at Rogers Center.  Iannetta is batting .161 this season and considering his career AVG sits in the low 200's, I don't see him getting THAT much better. Matt Joyce was also 0fer.  He made a highlight reel play the…
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Angels Week 8 Ranking – Position Players

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The Angel's offense continues to struggle aside from one great game in the opener against Boston.  Also, somehow, Chris Iannetta remembered how to hit and led the paltry offense in batting average. My rankings include the entire 40 man roster.  These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker's beard. *** Salt Lake Bees Roster ** Arkansas Travelers Roster Changes: None Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments 1 Mike Trout 3 +2 1 3 This is one slippery fish.  I had to didn't I??  if you missed Trout's steal of 3rd base last week again Boston, you need to check it out.  The king fish is back on top. 2 Erick Aybar 1 -1 1…
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