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So I’m enjoying my beer at the Angels game last night, only to almost spit it out when I see Cam Bedrosian jogging in from the bullpen.  Beer isn’t cheap Scioscia – why did you do that to me?  Unbeknownst to me, Bedrosian had been called up from Arkansas earlier in the day and Grant Green was sent packing back to Salt Lake.

Apparently Scioscia thought his buddy Cam had learned his lesson after his less than stellar MLB debut even though very little time has passed.  It’s almost like when Frieri lost his closer job only to get it back again like 3 hours later then proceed to lose it again.  Do we see a pattern here? I can think of plenty of other pitchers I would call up (Is R.J. Alvarez done cooking yet?).  The even more surprising part perhaps is that he managed a whole inning with no walks and only one hit with a strikeout.  He threw strikes in 10 out of 12 pitches but let’s not hold out hope just yet.  I think he did manage to lower his ERA from 40 billion to maybe a solid 10.

Green has been riding the pine even when Freese gets the day off.  First of all, Freese needs a lot less days off and McDonald a lot more.  Secondly, I’ll take a Green over a McDonald any day.  McDonald is what? 53?  I think we learned with the Ibanez experiment that sometimes you just need to let go.  This is a guy that’s been playing for 18 years and has spent more than half his time at the plate in the minors.

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