AL Wildcard Game Recap: All Your Bases Belong to Us

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In perhaps what was one of the most exciting wildcard games ever, the Royals topped the Athletics in 12 innings last night in Kansas City. Below is my recap of the game, though I will admit I missed innings 7-10 (approximately) since I had the unfortunate timing of softball game last night. Innings 1-5: Pitch Off Post season games are generally regarded as pitching games and the start of the AL Wildcard game was no exception.  While both pitchers did give up runs in the first inning (including one of two Brandon Moss homeruns), the score remained relatively low early on.  James shields was a little shaky the first two innings, throwing 45 pitches and 27 strikes.  However, he got pretty dialed in and only needed 35 pitches over the…
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