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This final regular season ranking includes the top 20 Angels position players in terms of at bats and excludes those no longer with the team (I’m looking at you JB Shuck).

Unlike previous weekly rankings, these are for the entire season as a whole.  A little bit unfair to the players who only had 50 or 60 at bats, but life isn’t always fair (like how did Ibanez end up on a post season team?)

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

Rank Player Comments
1 troutMike Trout Mr. MVP tops the list of course.  Yes he struck out more times than ever but so what?  He still led the league is runs, RBI, Total bases and WAR.  Second in triples, third in Homeruns and OBP.  He also only got caught stealing twice in 18 attempts.
2 kendrickHowie Kendrick Howie is perhaps one of the most underrated players in the American League along with Erick Aybar.  He had the second highest WAR (4.4) for the Angels and led the team with a .293 AVG.
3 aybarErick Aybar Aybar had a career season and was Mr. Reliable at the plate. He had the lowest number of Ks for all regular Angels starters with only 62 (Trout had 3x as many).  Aybar had the highest FPCT (.982) among American League short stops with more than 800 innings.
4 calhounKole Calhoun Calhoun trailed only Jose Bautista and Nick Markakis in Rigth Field assists but he had a higher FPCT (.996) than both of them.  Among ALL American League outfielders he ranked 5th in FPCT and 9th in Assists.  When you throw in his 17 home runs and .272/.325/.450 slashline you have one hell of a season.
5 puljosAlbert Pujols Pujols had a great rebound year and after missing so many games last season, played more in 2014 than any other Angel (159).  He led American League first basemen in FPCT (.997) and UZR (5.7).  Pujols also hit 28 home runs while batting .272 and he hit his first triple in years.
6 ianettaChris Iannetta Iannetta batted .27 points higher than 2013 and had the third highest WAR among American League catchers.  Arguably he would have been at least #2 but played in a lot fewer games because of Conger.  Iannetta was also 5th in CS% among AL Catchers with 100+ games.
7 freeseDavid Freese Freese started slow batting .210 in April and May but ended the season with a .260 AVG.  Freese like the pressure with a higher batting average when runners are on base and a .291 AVG with 2 outs and runners in scoring position.  He also batted .320 vs. left handed pitchers in 2014.
8 hamiltonJosh Hamilton It feels like Hamilton was injured more than not this season but he did manage 89 games so was just BARELY there more than 50% of the games.  He did make a pretty big impact when he was healthy.  His OBP was .374 with runners on base and he hit .321 as a DH.  His .330 against lefties is also worth noting.
9 beckhamGordon Beckham Beckham made in a impact in his short time with the team even though his FPCT was only .946.  Beckham had a .268/.328/.429 slashline in 26 games and will probably find himself on the post season roster after batting .306 for the month of September.
10 cowgillCollin Cowgill Cowgill batted a respectable .277 leading up to the All Start Break but tanked to .193 since.  He did manage a 2.1 WAR despite a pretty average season.
11 cron
C.J. Cron
Cron hit 11 dingers in 79 games which is decent.  With an OBP just slightly better than his AVG, it’s clear he still lacks plate discipline and he likes to swing.  He also batted .278 pre All Star Break.
12 navarroEfren Navarro A .245/.302/.340 slashline is pretty average but Navarro has his moments including a .310 AVG in May.  Navarro was clutch and went 6 for 13 with runners in scoring position and 2 outs and hit .323 with runners on base.
13 congerHank Conger Conger dropped .28 points from his .249 AVG in 2013.  Conger was also 12th out of 15 in CS% among AL Catchers with 70+ games.  Not a real great season for Conger which puts him last among regular starters and below part time players Cron and Navarro.
14 greenGrant Green Grant Green somehow had a negative WAR (-0.3) despite a 1.000 FPCT in 62 tries, a .273 AVG.  Green hit .120 since All Start Break but was at .324 before he got sent down in July.  It should be noted that Green (who many say can’t field) had a perfect 1.000 compared to McDonald (.965) who many say is a great fielder and they had about the same number of attempts.
15 boeschBrennan Boesch The AAA batting champion just did not translate to The Show for the Angels.  A highlight would be his .308 career AVG now against King Felix along with his 2 home runs in September.  Other than that he pretty much was a big dud with the lowest WAR on the team (-0.6)
16 jimenezLuis Jimenez Somewhere around Brennan Boesch I ran out of good things to say for the top 20.  Jimenez pretty much sucked and hit .162 in his 37 at bats.  There is really a single stat or split that makes him look good this year.
17 campanaTony Campana Tony Campana is fast.  It’s fun to watch him run.  And that’s about it.  I’m not sure he knows how to play baseball?  He actually went 5 for 15 in September but this guy is not Show ready yet and I’m not sure if he ever will for the Angels, anyway.
18 omalleyShawn O’Malley Only on the list because Shuck and Ibanez are no longer Angels.  We’ll see what the future holds for him but for now it’s a .188 average in 16 at bats.
19 mcdonaldJohn McDonald For a great defensive player, McDonald had one of the worst FPCT (.965) on the team.  This guy made 10 errors in only 84 attempts.  So he can’t field, he can’t hit (.081 AVG in home games) – not sure why he is still around?  Being a team cheerleader doesn’t require him taking up a roster spot.
20 buckJohn Buck John Buck was only on this list because Ibanez and Shuck are no longer on the team. He didn’t play much and didn’t contribute much to the Angels this year.  Plus, this guy is only 34?  I though he was McDonald’s peer in age.



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