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Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay RaysThe battle for second base is on!  We are about 1/3 of the way through spring training, and we’ve had a good look at the contenders so far.

I think it’s likely that one of the four will get the starter role and another will end up as utility man who can also play SS and 3B.

INN Chances PO A E DP RangeFactor
Giavotella 26 17 5 12 4 2.43
Featherston 29 16 5 9 2 3 2.00
Rutledge 29 15 4 11 2 2.50
Green 14 8 3 4 1 0 2.33

Judging by these fielding stats, someone seems to have no love for my favorite, Grant Green.  He has only played HALF of the innings any of these other guys have seen.  What’s the deal with that?  Personally, I don’t think Scioscia thinks much of Green and listening to Jerry Dipoto talk the other day, he doesn’t see him as a left side guy so utility may be out for Green.  HOWEVER, as I write this article, today’s lineup has been posted and guess who is playing 3B?  Yes, Grant Green.  Don’t write him off for utility man yet!  His innings may be up near 20 after today but still much less than the other guys.

Range Factor, with so few innings, is not of huge importance – but I included it anyway.  You can also see that neither Johnny Giavotella or Josh Rutledge have made any errors.  These numbers don’t tell the entire pictures since we don’t have data on balls they should/could of fielded but did not.

At this point it’s difficult to say who the strongest fielder is, but Giovotella AND taylor Featherston have been looking good.

Giavotella 10 3 2 3 0.300 1.262
Featherston 12 4 2 1 0.333 0.774
Rutledge 17 3 5 0 0.176 0.412
Green 11 4 4 0 0.364 0.818

Our hitting sample is still small as well but a few things stand out.

  1. Giavotella has flexed some muscle and ALL of his hits have been extra bases with two doubles an a homerun.
  2. Green has the best average and even came through with a clutch pinch hit yesterday and ended up scoring the winning run.  His K ratio is high, however.
  3. Rutledge can’t hit the board side of a barn.  He’s been averaging 1 hit every 3 games he plays.
  4. Featherston is doing alright at the plate.

So, we pretty much have three guys holding their own at the plate and one obvious outlier.

We have two thirds of spring training left but if you had to pick a second baseman at this point, it’s actually looking like Giavotella with Featherston as a possibly utility man.  Giavotella is also out of options, so if the Angels like him they have to find a spot for him on the roster.  With how he has performed SO FAR this spring, he would be a hard man to let go.  Green is currently on the cusp and Rutledge the odd man out – though Scioscia seems to have a fondness for the former Rockie which could land him a spot not matter how his spring pans out.



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