Fastest Man in Baseball and why doesn’t Trout steal more?

As we know, you can't measure speed by stolen bases alone. Sure, you need to be fast to steal bases but a high number of stolen bases does not mean you are the fastest. This year - Dee Gordon, Billy Hamilton, and Jose Altuve have been swiping bases like crazy, while many are wondering - has Mike Trout slowed down?  Trout has only 10 stolen bases this year compared to the others 43, 38, and 41. An interesting statistic is that Trout has been on base 163 times this year.  Stolen base leader Dee Gordon has been on base 134 times.  However, if you take away extra base hits from both of them you have them on first base at 109 times (Gordon) and 110 times (Trout).  So, theoretically, they…
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