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We’ve now had one full week of baseball so let’s take a look at  the Angels power rankings leading into week 2.  Pitching was all over the place in week 1 and we apparently are currently without an “ace”.  Most of the top performances came out of a bullpen that was pretty on target if you ignore Salas.

My rankings include the entire 40 man roster.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

*** Salt Lake Bees Roster
** Arkansas Travelers Roster

Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 ph_434718Huston Street 10 uparrow+9 1 10 Phew.  His spring performance was a fluke, which is good since it SUCKED.  So far with 2 innings and 2 save opportunities, Street has been perfect.
2 rucinskiDrew Rucinski 2 2 2 I was hoping he could replace Santiago in the rotation but now we apparently have to worry about Weaver and Wilson as well.  Could be a long pitching year but I think Rucinski will shine.
3 morinMike Morin 3  3 3 Took his great spring right into the regular season.  Solid outing by Morin so far.
4 vinnieVinnie Pestano 4 4 4 Pretty much ditto to Morin.  And I’m being lazy.
5 josealverazJose Alvarez 8 uparrow+3 5 8 2 innings, zero runs and 1K.  Let’ see how this guy shakes out in the next few weeks.
6 smithJoe Smith 13 uparrow+7 6 13 I think he and Street were like “let’s see how bad we can suck in spring then be awesome when the season starts”.  Smith has 5ks in 2 innings.  Somehow he has a .333BAA though his ERA is zero.
7 ramosCesar Ramos 5 downarrow-2 5 7 Pretty boring.  Zero runs.  Good pitching.  Yay.
8 richardsGarrett Richards 6 downarrow-2 6 8 Dropped two spots and didn’t even play.  Oh well, I expect him to make a jump upward next week.
9 shoemakerMatt Shoemaker 7 uparrow+2 7 9 Meh.  He did okay.  Didn’t suck.  Wasn’t dominate.  4.50 ERA and .261BAA but got the win.
10 aheaneyAndrew Heaney 16 uparrow+6 10 16 Heaney was amazing in his AAA start.  He’s obviously trying to get back on the big league roster with 7IP, no walk, 2 hits, no runs and 8Ks.
11 tropeanoNick Tropeano 9 downarrow-2 9 11 Pitched almost as well as Heaney.  6IP, 2 runs, 3 hits, and 7 Ks.
12 wilsonCJ Wilson 11 downarrow-1 11 12 Holy awesome.  Then HOLY CRAP.  I think we all figured his first outing was a fluke but he didn’t have to remind us so effectively in his next outing that he’s not that reliable anymore.
13 santiagoHector Santiago 14 uparrow+1 13 14 Still being Santiago.  Still not a great starting pitcher.  This is really who we have for our home opener??  100 pitches over just 5 innings, plus a loss.
14 weaverJered Weaver 1 -13 1 14 The two Weaver starts so far this season are a bit scary.  Can you have two flukes in a row?  Currently sitting at a 8.71ERA, .349BAA and 1.84WHIP while giving up 3 home runs.  We are in trouble if Weaver stays below Santiago and Wilson in the performance category.
15 rasmusCory Rasmus 12 downarrow-3 12 15 Currently on the DL.  Get better soon!
16 bedrosianCam Bedrosian 17 uparrow+1 16 17 Proving he can pitch in the minors but not the majors.  6 Ks in 3.2 inning, 2 hits and no walks.
17 mybrydeJeremy McBryde 19 uparrow+2 17 19 Decent performances last week.
18 salasFernando Salas 16 downarrow-3 15 18 Sadly, his crappy spring may not have been a fluke.  Salas needs to figure it out since he has a .462BAA and is basically hosting batting practice.
 19 reynoldsDanny Reynolds 18 downarrow-1 18 19 Meh.
20 skaggsTyler Skaggs 20 20 20 On the DL




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