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We’ve now had one full week of baseball so let’s take a look at  the Angels power rankings leading into week 2.  There are currently way too many batting averages on the team in the .000’s, .100’s and .200’s ranges.  The Halos are currently on the bottom of the AL in AVG & SB and second from last in OBP, Walks and Runs.  Ouch.

My rankings include the entire 40 man roster.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

*** Salt Lake Bees Roster
** Arkansas Travelers Roster

Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 troutMike Trout  1 1 1 Trout took his hot spring right into opening week and is trying to single handedly spark the meager Angel’s offense.  He’s currently boasting a team leading .400 AVG
2 pujolsAlbert Pujols 3 uparrow+1 2 3 Pujols’s AVG is not great but he does have 2 home runs which counts for something.
3 aybarErick Aybar 8 uparrow+5 3 8 A .273 OBP doesn’t seem great and it’s not – unless you are the 2015 Angels after week one, in which case it’s awesome.
4 freeseDavid Freese 6 uparrow+2 4 6 Mr. Freese is striking out at a good pace but does have 2 home runs.  He’s doing alright so far.
5 navarroEfren Navarro 4 downarrow-1 4 5  Only 7 plate appearance but a walks plus two hits is more than most Angels have accomplished so far.
6 calhounKole Calhoun 12 uparrow+6 6 12 Only 4 hits so far but they are two homeruns and a double.  Once he starts hitting the ball on a regular basis this has to be a good sign.
7 cowgillCollin Cowgill 5 downarrow-2 5 7 More Cowgill!  Or maybe not.  So far he’s just 1 for 8 with a walk.
8 giovotellaJohnny Giavotella 9 uparrow+1 8 9 Johnny G is getting on base with a whopping .250AVG which is second on the team for regular starters.
9 mattjoyceMatt Joyce 7 downarrow-2 7 9 I think his grin is kinda goofy.  Oh and he’s batting .167 which is way less than free swinging Hamilton would be batting.
10 cron
C.J. Cron
2 downarrow-8 2 10 Cron is showing us why you can’t count on spring training performances.  Unlike Trout who has shown his spring was no fluke, Cron has yet to get on base in 13 attempts.
11 robertsonDaniel Robertson*** 13 uparrow+2 11 13 His .471 OBP leads the Salt Lake Bees
12 greenGrant Green*** 16 uparrow+4 12 16 Still can’t draw a walk but a .381 AVG in 21 at bats is tops for the Bees.
13 carlosperezCarlos Perez*** 14 uparrow+1 14 14 Pretty much the main AAA catcher to no surprise.  He has started off strong with 2 home runs and .357 AVG.  Maybe we can swap him with Iannetta??
14 kubitzaKyle Kubitza*** 10 downarrow-4 10 14 A .263 AVG in AAA.  Meh.
15 featherstonTaylor Featherson 15 15 15 Three at bats.  No hits.  The end.
16 ianettaChris Iannetta 11 downarrow-5 11 16 You can’t start off a season more sucky than Chris Iannetta (10Ks and 1 hit) unless your name is Evan Gattis (12Ks and 1 walk).  Yes the AL West is home to the two biggest turds of week 1.
17 buteraDrew Butera 18 uparrow+1 17 18 One for three.  Whoopee.
18 jettbandyJett Bandy*** 19 uparrow+1 18 19 Not playing much but has 1 home run in 3 at bats for Salt Lake.
19 rutledgeJosh Rutledge*** 17 downarrow-2 17 19 Rutledge apparently can’t hit minor league pitching either.  His average is currently .176.
20 hamiltonJosh Hamilton 20 20 20 Currently on the 40 man roster but is being erased from Angel’s stadium.  Will he ever play for the team again??



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