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Wow.  Last week was rough offensively!

My rankings include the entire 40 man roster.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

*** Salt Lake Bees Roster
** Arkansas Travelers Roster


Efron Navarro called up from minors (Salt Lake)
Grant Green sent down to minors


Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 troutMike Trout 1 1 1 If only we could have 2 Mike Trouts on the team, let alone a bunch of them.  Another week in the life of Trout and he racked up 2 more homeruns, .400OBP, a stolen base, 3 doubles, and a game saving catch.  Whew!
2 calhounKole Calhoun 2 3 12 Calhoun’s .423OBP was pretty awesome and he also added a homerun.  He also played superman and made the highlight reel.  The 4 spot seemed to have been good for him.
3 pujolsAlbert Pujols 5 uparrow+2 2 4 Actually hit .267!  And he hit a homerun!
4 giovotellaJohnny Giavotella 3 downarrow-1 2 9 Slow week for G but he did okay.  He only .250 which is sadly, still better than most of the team.
5 freeseDavid Freese 7 uparrow+2 4 6 Not completely crappy.  Freese had 5RBIs last week but only hit .217.
6 carlosperezCarlos Perez*** 13 uparrow+7 6 14 Still on FIRE!  Perez was 6 for 16 last week with 6 RBIs and has a .973 OPS for the season.
7 cron
C.J. Cron
4 downarrow-3 2 10 2 for 16 with no extra base hits.  No walks.  Not much else.
8 aybarErick Aybar 6 downarrow-2 3 8 It’s be nice if Aybar could start hitting at some point.  Last week while hitting a whopping .208 he was caught stealing and made a metric crap ton of errors.
9 cowgillCollin Cowgill 8 downarrow-1 5 7 Okay, maybe we don’t need more Cowgill.  He DID have a 1.000 OBP though, but that was one walk in one plate appearance.
10 greenGrant Green*** 9 downarrow-1 9 16 Green gets screwed with playing time since they move him up and down like a yo-yo.  Only 1 at bat for the Angels last week and was 1 for 2 in AAA after being sent down.
11 navarroEfren Navarro 10 downarrow-1 4 11 Navarro is leading the Bees with a .394AVG but that’s only over 33 at bats and he is only hitting .190 his last 17 trips to the plate in AAA.  Went 1 for 2 for the Angels after his call up.
12 kubitzaKyle Kubitza*** 11 downarrow-1 10 14 His free falling batting average dropped 80 points in the last 10 days though he did put up two more multi hits games in the past week.
13 jettbandyJett Bandy*** 14 uparrow+1 14 19 Still better than either big league catcher, but is that bar very high?  Bandy went 3 for 9 last week.
14 rutledgeJosh Rutledge*** 15 uparrow+1 14 19 Continued to say hot going 6 for 23 with a homerun last week.
15 featherstonTaylor Featherston 16 uparrow+1 15 16 First big league hit and first big league stolen base last week.  Congratulations Mr. Featherson!
16 buteraDrew Butera 18 uparrow+2 16 18 Meh.  He did bat .200 last week which was over twice as high as Iannetta and manage to double Iannetta’s hit total in half the at bats.
17 garybrownGary Brown*** 20 uparrow+3 17 20 Good week for this kid.  Had 2 home runs last week and went 4 for 5 on Sunday.
18 robertsonDaniel Robertson*** 19 uparrow+1 11 19 Batting .217 this season. What’s wrong with all the left fielders in the Angels organization?
19 mattjoyceMatt Joyce 12 downarrow-5 7 19 Ouch.  It’s painful just to type his name. Caught stealing last week, 6 more Ks and is batting .143.
20 ianettaChris Iannetta 17 downarrow-3 11 20 Iannetta has been looking like he gave up on baseball.  He looks lost, is making stupid horrible plays and is batting .091. What other team would still be giving him regular starts?



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