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The Angel’s offense continues to struggle with a few glimmers of hope last week!

My rankings include the entire 40 man roster.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

*** Salt Lake Bees Roster
** Arkansas Travelers Roster


Carlos Perez called up from minors
Efron Navarro sent down to AAA
Drew Butera DFA then traded to Royals for Chad Smith


Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 troutMike Trout 1 1 1 Soon we will have 25 man roster full of Mike Trout’s, once Dipoto finishes his cloning technology.  Trout had 3 home runs last week and his first caught stealing of the year.
2 freeseDavid Freese 5 uparrow+3 2 6 Where did the .462 OBP come from?  Holy Freese.  And he only struck out 3 times.  Last week’s Freese is a keeper.
3 pujolsAlbert Pujols 3 2 4 .310 OBP, we’ll take it.
4 giovotellaJohnny Giavotella 4 2 9 Continues to be a stud at the plate with clinch at bats.  Only struck out once all week.
5 carlosperezCarlos Perez*** 6 uparrow+1 5 14 He should almost jump up to #1 but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Perez had an amazing week, including two hits in his first big league game and walk off home run.  He also threw out Jose Altuve and hit .357 for the week.
6 aybarErick Aybar 8 uparrow+2 3 8 Second highest average last week at .346.  He’s coming around – unlike the bottom three guys in this ranking.
7 calhounKole Calhoun 2 downarrow-5 2 12 The raspberry raker lost his rake last week and stuck out 9 times with a measly .241 OBP.
8 greenGrant Green*** 10 uparrow+2 8 16 Yes I’m a Grant Green fan.  Though he does need to learn how to walk.  He should replace Joyce on the 24 man roster, left handed bat or not.
9 cowgillCollin Cowgill 9 5 9 Pretty much hasn’t done anything this year and will probably drop in this ranking soon.
10 navarroEfren Navarro 11 uparrow+1 4 11 Went 3 for 7 in his return to the Bees at the end of the week.  Buzzzzzz.
11 kubitzaKyle Kubitza*** 12 uparrow+1 10 14 The question many seem to be asking is – can he play left field?  *ahem* No reason to ask that question.  He was struggling at bit, but has turned it around and was 9 for 22 last week.
12 jettbandyJett Bandy*** 13 uparrow+1 12 19 Definitely picked up where Perez left off.  Our two best catchers started the season in AAA.  Over his last 3 games he went 7 for 11.  B-b-b-b-b Bandy!  (and the Jetts)
13 rutledgeJosh Rutledge*** 14 uparrow+1 1 19 5 for 15.  Apparently he hits better in AAA.  For now.
14 garybrownGary Brown*** 17 uparrow+3 14 20 Good week for this kid.  Had 2 home runs last week and went 4 for 5 on Sunday.
15 robertsonDaniel Robertson*** 18 uparrow+3 11 19 Continued to heat up.
16 featherstonTaylor Featherston 15 uparrow+1 15 16 Barely plays and doesn’t do much when he does.  He’s bench candy.
This Spot for Sale (no, sadly not THAT Sale)
Vacant (for now)
18 cron
C.J. Cron
7 downarrow-11 2 18 Biggest drop this week.  For a reason.  He has sucked it up in the land of sucky suck since the season started.  A huge 0 for 15 last week.
19 mattjoyceMatt Joyce 19 7 19 Still horrible.  He’s batting less than his weight and hit .133 last week.
20 ianettaChris Iannetta 20 11 20 Iannetta should buy a lottery ticket after his full swing bunt was ruled a hit and he got an actual RBI.  I think he forgot what an RBI was.  Seems like a great guy but it’s time to cut him loose or only play him like every 10 games.



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