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My ranking include the entire 40 man roster – not just the active 25 man.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.


Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 troutMike Trout  1  – 1 1 All Star Game MVP.  Another home run.  *snooze*.   Wake me when he hits 5 home runs in one game.  Slacker.
2 puljosAlbert Pujols 2 2 2 1-for-14 his last three games.  But no one impressed enough to take over the 2 spot.
3 kendrickHowie Kendrick  5 downarrow +2 3 5 6-for-15 this past weekend.  Howie was reliable to say the least!
4 calhounKole Calhoun  3 downarrow -1 3 4 Calhoun had a decent weekend.  Nothing too bad & nothing too good.
5 aybarErick Aybar 4 downarrow -1 4 4 This first time all star has been having a great season.  Let’s hope he gets back to playing health soon!
6 freeseDavid Freese  6 6 6 Freese has been doing amazing things with his bat lately.
7 hamiltonJosh Hamilton 7 7 7 Hamilton started great then screwed up his thumb.  Then he came back and started great again.  Now he’s clinging to the #7 spot.
8   Vacancy.  Inquire within.
9 navarroEfren Navarro  11 downarrow +2 9 11 Navarro has done pretty well in the bigs and is doing well in SLC this year.  He could move higher if he stands out more.
10 greenGrant Green  12 downarrow +2 10 12 My comments for Green I could almost cut and paste from Navarro.  Green can play just about anywhere but his playing time on the active roster will likely be limited.
11 ianettaChris Iannetta  9 downarrow -2 9 9 The best catcher on the roster (though there are only 3 of them on the 40 man).  Iannetta is having a good season.
12 cron
C.J. Cron, SLC
 8 downarrow -4  12  8 Poor Cron.  He got bumped from the active roster.  Kind of a surprise to many.  I’m sure he’ll be back eventually.
13 congerHank Conger  13  – 13 13 King Conger is great.  He’s fun.  He has a sense of humor and might like long walks on the beach.  He’s an excellent pitch framer but his hitting has been pretty lack luster.
14 boeschBrennan Boesch, SLC  14  – 14 14 This kid is doing great in AAA. His 13 at bats for the Angels leave something to be desire though.
15 campanaTony Campana, SLC  18 downarrow +3 18 18 Just came from Arizona and is doing okay in AAA.
16 shuckJ.B. Shuck, SLC  16  – 16 16 I really wanted to put Shuck higher.  In fact, he’s not lower because there are some pretty crappy players below him.  That’s about all I can say.
17 jimenezLuis Jimenez, SLC  17  – 17 17 They say he has potential and he has 15 home runs in AAA this year.  Let’s see what he can do.
18 fieldTommy Field, SLC  15 downarrow -3 15 18 Batted .429 in 14 at bats with the Angels and currently playing well in SLC but had a rough past week.
19  The space for sale
20 mcdonaldJohn McDonald  19 downarrow -1 19 20 I’d put McDonald lower if there was room to move down further.  He continues to un-impress.

Updates to List:

Ian Stewart was removed from the 40 man roster
Collin Cowgill was placed on the DL to learn how to bunt


There are only 18 position players in the rankings this week.  I’ve left the total to 20 so some people don’t arbitrarily move up.  Some spots will be vacant.

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