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imagesThe move to acquire Gordon Beckhman has baffled many – including myself.  Jerry Dipoto was interviewed about Beckham to which he responded that he can play second, third and has a history of playing short stop.  Oh – and he can hit left handed pitching.  Dipoto mentioned Beckhman would be good down the stretch for the Angels and that Kendrick wasn’t going anywhere.

I think this is a lot less baffling if you don’t have a Grant Green about to rejoin the team in 3 days.  Or will he before September call ups?  Green, who is set to begin a rehab stint in Salt Lake tonight has better numbers than Beckham in pretty much every category.

AB AVG OBP SLG OPS v. Right v. Left OPS Right OPS Left
Green AAA 168 0.321 0.372 0.512 0.883
Green MLB 80 0.313 0.321 0.4 0.721 238/267/333 395/385/474 0.600 0.858
Beckham AA 43 0.163 0.234 0.279 0.513
Beckham MLB 390 0.221 0.263 0.336 0.598 191/233/297 327/370/510 0.530 0.803

So what’s the deal?  Green has even played EVERY infield position for the Angels and can fill in for the outfield as well.  His average v. Righties is something to be desired but Beckhman’s is horrible.  Vs. Lefties the advantage still goes to Green with Beckham have a very slight edge on power.  Granted, the sampling size is smaller for Green but if you pull out career stats you are still looking at a sub-par pickup in Beckham (compared to Green) who is having a no so great season.

Beckham is an okay fielder with 10 errors and 202 putouts in 883 innings played.  Green has 0 errors and 24 putouts in 177 innings for the Halos.

Verdict:  Still Confused



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