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Major-League-Baseball-Fan-SleepingHe’s not done yet!  Bud Selig may be on his way out, but he has established a “Pace of Play” committee comprised of not one single current manager or player.

There are perhaps some things that could be done to help control the pace of play, but it’s debatable if they are needed.

The committee members are:

Atlanta Braves President John Schuerholz
New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson
MLB Players Association Executive Director Tony Clark
Boston Red Sox partner Michael Gordon
MLB Chief Operating Officer Rob Manfred
MLB Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations Joe Torre
Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner

Their Baseball pedigrees:

John Schuerholz, 73 – 22 years as a general manager, 5 years as president.  Never played.  Never coached.

Sandy Alderson, 66 – Lawyer, been a general manager, CEO, President, etc since 1983.  Never played.  Never coached.

Tony Clark, 42 – First baseman with 15 year MLB career.  Retired in 2009.

Michael Gordon, ?? – Limited Red Sox partner, investment banker.  Never played.  Never coached.

Rob Manfred, 56 – Lawyer.  Never ran a team.  Never played.  Never coached.

Joe Torree, 74 – 9x All Star, Manager for 23 years.

Tom Werner – 64, Baseball team owner, chairman, businessman.  Never ran a team.  Never played.  Never coached.

The tally?  2 ex players, 2 laywers, 3 businessmen.  Is this the right mix of men to decide what to do about the pace of play in baseball?  I think not.  It appears to be another one of Bud Selig’s fails.  Let’s not wreck baseball on your way out – okay Bud?

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