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My rankings include the entire 40 man roster – not just the active 25 man.

These rankings were compiled with the help of MLB stats, FanGraphs, misc. data, personal opinion, and some fairy dust I found hidden in Shoemaker’s beard.

Rank Player Last Week Change High Low Comments
1 weaverJered Weaver 1 1 All this talk about Weaver’s decline in velocity aside, this man can pitch.  He struck out 23 over 21 innings this spring on his way to a 2.53 ERA and 1.03WHIP.  The Weave is ready for opening day!
2 rucinskiDrew Rucinski  – 2 2 I honestly wish this guy had Santiago’s rotation spot and perhaps he will once Richards comes back.  He gave up 2 HR in his last outing but was pretty dominant with 16k over 17 innings, .92 WHIP and .197 BAA.
3 morinMike Morin  3 3 Morin was pitching to earn that coveted 7th inning role but he pitched better than our setup man and closer this spring.  Over 9 innings his ERA was 1.00 along with 9 Ks and a .89 WHIP.
4 vinnieVinnie Pestano 4 4 Lowest WHIP in spring training!  Vinnie!!!  .71 WHIP, 1.29 ERA and .125BAA in 7 innings.  That’s some nice work.
5 ramosCesar Ramos 5 5  Impressive spring with only 1 walk over 9 innings and a .89 WHIP.
6 richardsGarrett Richards 6 6 Sure he hasn’t pitched yet but this is Richards.  He deserves to be in the 6 spot even though he won’t pitch the first week of the season.
7 shoemakerMatt Shoemaker 7 7 The Shoe is back and doing well.  A lot lighter in weight but not in talent.  He only had 10Ks over 25 innings but showed good control with a 1.07 WHIP.
8 josealverazJose Alvarez 8 8 Another impressive performance by a new guy.  Only 1 walk in 8 innings with a 1.08 WHIP and 2.16 ERA.
9 tropeanoNick Tropeano 9 9 Trop out pitched Heaney.  Good thing it’s just spring training right? 16.1 innings and a 1.29 WHIP so he did okay.
10 ph_434718Huston Street 10 10 Woah!  What happened to Street?  His end of of 2014 was not that great.  Is this a bad sign or a bad spring? 8Ks over 6.2 innings but an 8.1 ERA.  Let’s call it a fluke.
11 wilsonCJ Wilson 11 11 Scioscia spins a good yarn.  I’ll be he tells a hell of a fish story.  Hearing him talk about Wilson’s spring is one of those tall tales.  Wilson somehow managed a 2.31 ERA but a 1.71 WHIP and a .292 BAA.  Not exactly #2 man stats.
12 rasmusCory Rasmus 12 12 Can we say batting practice?  only 3 innings but a .500 BAA and 2.33 WHIP.  Rough spring!
13 smithJoe Smith 13 13 Wow.  Him and Street have bee smoking the same craptastic pitching mojo.  9.95 ERA?  .333 BAA?  Hopefully he was just working things out in spring.
14 santiagoHector Santiago 14 14 Santiago is still Santiago.  He claims he figured out his slider recently in a minor league game.  If that IS true, let’s see if helps get him past the 5th inning in pretty much any game that matters.  5 walks over 12 innings and a 1.83 WHIP.
15 salasFernando Salas 15 15 Also sucked in spring.  .342 BAA and a 1.78 WHIP.
16 aheaneyAndrew Heaney 16 16 Sure didn’t look like a future star in spring.  Send him to AAA to cook some more.  9.00 ERA over 19 innings with 7 walks.
17 bedrosianCam Bedrosian 17 17 He still can’t pitch big league games.  What’s new?
18 reynoldsDanny Reynolds 18 18 Only 2 innings pitched.  Not much to say here other than enjoy your time on the 40-man roster before it ends.
19 mybrydeJeremey McBryde 19 19 ZERO strikeouts in 3.2 innings and a .421 BAA.  Also a short timer on the 40 man roster.
20 skaggsTyler Skaggs 20 20 Not playing this year due to surgery recovery but he’s currently on the 40 man, so here he is.




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