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Only about 20 games left in the season baseball fans and things are going to get exciting!

In the American League, 6 teams are still very much in the running with a very close wild card race between the slumping A’s, so-so Tigers, and surging Mariners.

The National League is even tighter with 7 teams in the mix.  A four-way race is shaping up for the wild card spots with the Giants nearing a lock and the Pirates/Braves/Brewers all separated by a mere half game.

As of today, teams that have been eliminated or will be in the next few days are:

  • Red Sox (from 1st to last – the mighty have fallen)
  • Astros (with 19 games to play, the Astros are already better than any of their past 3 years.  Progress!)
  • Rangers (they are just glad their horrible season is over)
  • Diamondbacks (losing record for first time since 2010)
  • Rockies (haven’t had a .500 season since 2010)

Teams that will be eliminated within the next week or so include the Twins, White Sox, and Cubs.

Magic Numbers:

It’s time to start looking at magic numbers!  The Orioles, Angels and Nationals would all have to play below .500 ball the rest of the season with their second place contenders playing well above .500 in order to not lock.  Anything is possible but when you start looking at 12 and 14 for magic numbers and you are up 7-10 games, the writing is nearly on the wall.

AL East – Baltimore Orioles = 12

AL Central – Kansas City Royals = 19

AL West – Los Angles Angels = 14

NL East – Washington Nationals = 14

NL Central – St. Louis Cardinal = 16

NL West = Los Angels Dodgers = 17


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