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questionsfry-panique-questionsHere it is.  The last 3 days of the regular season and some questions certainly remain.  Who will do what?  Who will win wear?  What will Derek Jeter wear on his last game (hint:  Probably shoes with a self edifying name, maybe a J necklace and I wonder if he got that ass tatoo yet that says “Captain”)

  1. Will the Los Angeles Angels be the first team since 2009 to win 100 games? Yes
  2. Who will win the AL Central, the Detroit Tigers or Kansas City Royals?  Tigers
  3. Will the Seattle Mariners make it to the playoffs?  No (They have to win at least two from the Angels while the A’s would have to lose at least 2 against the Ranger)
  4. Will the Pittsburgh Pirates catch the St. Louis Cardinals for 1st place in the NL Central? Maybe (the Pirates are one game back and playing strong but the Cardinals play the Diamonbacks and the Pirates face Cueto.  This may come down to a tie on Sunday.)
  5. Will Fernando Rodney figure out how to wear his hat?  No
  6. How high will Jose Altuve climb in the charts for most hits by a second baseman ever? 5th Place (he needs 5 hits in the next 3 games)

Bonus!  MLB.TV is free all weekend long.  Get your baseball on!

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