The two best teams make pitching moves

A's, Angels, pitching
In recent weeks, the two teams holding the best two records in baseball have made some moves to help assure their spot in the post season. The A's have not made a lot of transactions but they DID make one big one on July 4th.  Despite having the best record in baseball, they were not content to sit by and wonder if their record and inexperienced pitching staff would hold up into October, so they traded away Dan Straily (P), Addison Russell (SS), Billy McKinney (OF), and a player to be named later to the Cubs for All Star Jeff Samardzija (P) and Jason Hammel (P).  Both Samardzija and Hammel arguably have been top 10 pitchers in the NL this year and are likely to benefit from the A's offense…
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Angels Trade Frieri for Older Frieri?

Angels, pitching
Clearly, the trade yesterday was an odd one.  As the Angels seek to shore up their weak bullpen, they make a move that on the surface appears great - Ernesto Frieri traded!  Great - but who did we get?  Frieri in different clothing?  There is really not much good to say about this trade except that Scioscia can no longer put Frieri in to situations where he doesn't belong.  Shortly after Frieri got demoted to closer AGAIN, he almost blow the game on Thursday, giving up 3 runs in the top of the 9th.  Dipoto must have said "screw you Scioscia", I'm sending him far away where you can't take him out to play again. So... that brings us to Jason Grilli from the Pirates and about the best thing…
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